Computer Server Supply and Installation

You need a branded server?

Years of experience supplying, installing and supporting dedicated file servers has taught us that your choice must be a good quality branded server.

Why is this?

Due to the changing pace of technology many components become obsolete after only a year. This means if you are trying to find parts for, or upgrades to, a server that hasn’t got the support of a major manufacturer in the industry this can become a major problem.

What do we recommend

We recommend Hewlett Packard servers. All come with a three year on-site warranty and a build quality second to none. For schools the HP  Tower Server range is ideal as it can be located in almost any environment.

Server back-up

All servers are supplied with a RAID controller and a number of disks depending on the disk size required. The RAID controller is a piece of hardware that automatically saves the data on two different hard disk drives at the same time, so in the event of one of the hard disk drives failing the server can continue to run with one working disk and none of the school data is lost.

Installation Service

Want someone to take away the hassle? Ask us about our full installation service. All our technicians are CRB checked so we can work in schools and colleges, no problem.