Height Adjustable Mobile Trolley Interactive Display

The next step up on the mobile display food chain is our height adjustable variant. This product offers all the benefits of a mobile trolley with the added bonus of height adjustment. It can be used by a teacher to demonstrate, then the height lowered to meet the needs of the specific user be it a smaller person or a wheelchair user.  Just like an interactive whiteboard it allows experiences to be shared and can be supplied with Promethean, SMART Board or other generic IWB software.

They can be offered with a built in PC or with a separate PC or laptop to provide true flexability. This product is also available in a height adjustable variant which adds value to it’s interactivity where the users may require a drop in height e.g. Throughout the foundation stage or a special need environment where wheelchair access is imperative.

Key Points

  • Mobility
  • Height adjustable maximising it’s user base
  • Long screen life
  • Consistently bright screen image
  • Collaborative use via multi-touch technology
  • Can be tailored to suit specific needs
  • Can be used as a temporary signage solution when not in class