Genee Interactive Whiteboards

The Interactive Whiteboard works as a virtual aid for trainers, presenters and educators to directly present information displayed on the screen to their audience. It gives you the option to readily navigate through windows, access information, retain participant attention and encourage interactivity.

PLEASE NOTE: Genee whiteboards are no longer supplied with RM Easiteach and instead come supplied with Genee Toolbar, allowing effortless access to various captivating presentation tools

Powerboard Series The Genee Powerboard supports real time on-screen editing. The graphic tools allow you to define background selection and input custom graphics/images. The board supports third party software applications and you can create, edit and annotate over live motion video.
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Powerboard V2
The Genee Powerboard V2 creates an interactive environment for teaching and demonstrations, when connected to a PC and projector with the Genee World software.

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Pro Digital + The Pro Digital+ is the ideal ICT solution for educators, presenters and trainers. It is a digital electronic whiteboard that connects to a computer and projector creating a large interactive projection screen. All computer functions are transferred from the computer to the Interactive Whiteboard and controlled through stylus (multimedia pen)
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