Powerboard V2

The Genee Powerboard infrared interactive whiteboard V2 series with Dual-User capability is available in 82″ and 98″ sizes. The board has multi touch support and intelligent hand gesture recognition software. Using a pen or a finger you can write, note, erase, copy, and save files and even operate the PC instead of using the mouse. Minimal glare, low-gloss surface that is optimised for projection. The user-friendly interactive whiteboard can be effortlessly controlled from the menus on both side of the board. Using advanced infrared induction location the technology is both accurate and reliable.

The Genee Powerboard V2 creates an interactive environment for teaching and demonstrations, when connected to a PC and projector with the Genee World software. Software includes an 11,000 image gallery


  • Classroom Teaching
  • Meeting Presentation
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Training Institutions
  • Goverment Agency
  • Exhibition
  • Military Comand