Pro Digital +

Pro Digital+ is a remarkable whiteboard comprising electromagnetic technology. The Pro Digital+ Board comes with Interactive learning software and a built in gallery of images. You can write, draw and annotate over the whiteboard using the multimedia pen.

The hide, reveal, spotlight and snapshot features produce creative powerpoint presentations. Integrate with Genee Vision Visualisers to annotate over live objects. The Whiteboard has programmable keys on both sides of boards that act as shortcut keys.

  • 2 PENS ABILITY, SIMULTANEOUS – No need to divide the screen 2 users can use the screen at the same time! (Optional Upgrade)
  • 20 Programmable settings allowing you to customise your teaching style
  • Easy to use software
  • It is compatible with third party software applications
  • It is available in a range of different sizes
  • It integrates seamlessly with our visualisers, writing tablets and audience response systems