GoCabby is designed to accommodate all kinds of classroom tablet devices, even when they’re in their protective cases (including large cases) and comes in a bright and stylish design.

What you get from your GoCabby

  • Stores, charges and synchronises 16 tablets with or without
    protective cases.
  • Suitable for all kinds of tablet, including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire
    and more.
  • Suitable for storage of tablets in even large protective cases (incl. Gripcase, Griffin Survivor, Otterbox and other cases)
  • Easy to move with a telescopic cart handle.
  • Supportive foam and Velcro straps to protect tablets in transit.
  • The Charge & Sync functionality offers intelligent charging that allows you to simultaneously charge devices while tablets of the same type can also be synchronised at the same time.
  • Future proofed so that the boards can be replaced to keep up with
    evolving technology.
  • Internal fans to keep tablets cool while charging while the unit is closed.
  • Locks are positioned at the top of the unit enabling you to padlock
    them for security.
  • Bright and stylish design.

Dimensions for the GoCabby

Depth Width Height
Unit 400 mm 565 mm 795 mm