Network Installation & Structured Cabling Cat5 Cat6

Network cabling plays a major role in any network. With this in mind you should be looking for a reliable highly experienced company to install your structured cabling system.

Good network cabling and network management can greatly improve the reliability and speed of your computer network.

We have the capabilities and the engineering power to carry out installations from a single outlet, ranging up to thousands of point projects within the UK and Europe.

Datasol also provide a testing and certification service carried out by our own in house trained professionals.

Cat5e/UTP/FTP/STP/LSZH/PVC 100 MHz Cabling Systems – Category 5E – Class D

This is still the most widely used standard suitable for voice and data communications up to 100Mbps. If you feel that you will not require your systems to run over 100Mbps any time soon, or are looking at adding more points to your existing Cat5e network then this is the system for you.

Cat 6/UTP/STP/LSZH/PVC 250 MHz Cabling Systems – Category 6 – Class E

Suitable for voice and data communications up to 1,000Mbps and a bandwidth of 250Mhz we are finding that we are installing Cat6 now on most new build projects.

A well installed Cat6 system should be a good investment for the next 10 years, bearing in mind the price difference is minimal compared to Cat5e.

Cat6a/STP/LSZH Cabling Systems 500 MHz Cabling Systems – Category 6a – Class F

Suitable for voice and data communications up to 1,000 Mbps 10 gigabit Ethernet.

This is a more costly option but is now frequently used within data centre, medical and financial environments. It’s also a option for back bone linking (Switch to Switch) or of course 10 gig to desk. This is truly a high end, future proof option.