Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintaining customer privacy and maintaining the security of any personal data which we receive from you.

We are committed to responsible data management and subscribe to the principles of data protection legislation in the United Kingdom.

Each web page access is recorded in a log file. The contents of the log file can be analysed to determine how many visitors we serve, what pages they look at most, and from where they connect. This information is not shared with anyone outside our organisation.

Google™ Analytics

This site runs Google™ Analytics and as such collects information on visitors to the site such as:

  • geographical location of visitor’s server
  • time of visit
  • time spent during visit
  • pages viewed
  • browser and operating system used
  • keywords used to find the site
  • whether a sponsored link was used
  • whether the visitor has been to the site before

In fact there is a great deal of information, however none of it identifies you as an individual.

For more information on what Google™ Analytics collects please go to Google Privacy Centre