Casio LED Lampless Projectors

Casio offer a complete range of lamp-free projectors, which sets Casio apart from all others. Offering users a greener, more cost effective projection solution the Laser & LED hybrid light source delivers top performance for the life of the projector, with unparalleled low total cost of ownership.

Casio’s revolutionary lamp-free Laser & LED hybrid light source technology offers the user the opportunity to improve their environmental credentials AND make their budgets go further. By eliminating lamps, Casio projectors eliminate mercury from classrooms, meeting rooms and other applications giving users peace of mind that their AV equipment is free from environmentally hazardous substances. The innovative light source also demands less power than conventional lamps to achieve a comparable brightness, which will help to keep businesses and education establishments’ carbon footprint to a minimum, and running costs down.

If you’re looking for top performance from your projectors, with the Casio Laser & LED hybrid light source there’s no need to compromise. Conventional lamps decline in brightness over time, reaching just 50% of their original brightness at the end of their stated lifetime. This means that lamp-based projectors only perform to their maximum technical specification for a fraction of their product lifecycle. More importantly, it means that users may struggle to view the projected display as it becomes dimmer over time.

Key features

  • Lamp-free Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source
  • Mercury-free
  • 20,000 hours life expectancy
  • Eliminates the need for expensive replacement lamps
  • Delivers consistent light output for the life of the projector
  • Filter free technology further reduces cost and maintenance