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It's Time to Change

By outsourcing your IT, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - taking back control.

Why outsource your IT support?

Better control of your Organisation

Most organisations don't realise how much time is wasted trying to fix simple IT problems.  Hours can be wasted by your staff who don't have the specific IT knowledge and it stops them from doing the job they are paid to do.  A single email or phone call to our help desk means the issues can be resolved in minutes.  With remote access software our help desk team can connect directly to your computers and resolve the issue right in front of your eyes.  

Cost Management

Even if you already have your own IT person or team, the cost of this can often be detrimental to the business and prohibits spending on IT because the budget is spent on salary rather than technology.  When you factor in sickness, holidays and the limitations of your staff regarding specialised knowledge, an outsourced support package will be a known fixed cost and this can save the business a great deal of money.

Increased Productivity

Our hardware management software constantly monitors all computers on the network and will send the help desk an alert if something out of the ordinary is detected or a specific component threshold is passed.  These are early warning message that indicate something more serious may be about to happen and with our early intervention a potentially serious problem that could cause downtime can be fixed in a matter of minutes.  


As part of the support agreement we will arrange regular planning meetings with you to discuss any changes you see happening to the business and we will update you with any changes or advancements in technology that may help the business to expand or save money.  These meetings are essential to keep us abreast of your business plans so we can give you the best advice at all times.


How Our Support Works?

The first task we undertake is to conduct an audit of the existing systems and from this we start to build our knowledgebase.  We will then install our remote monitoring and remote control software on all the computers and servers and this will start to build a roadmap for improvements and upgrades.     

We operate a three tier support system:  First line support will deal with most of the general day to day support issues.  More technical issues will be passed to Second Line support and Third Line technicians are available if the issue requires a visit to a customer site for a specific hardware or software problem that cannot be resolved remotely.

Server Room

Unlimited Help Desk

Whether it's a question about how to change something in a Word document or how to install a device on to your computer, our support team are here to help.  We will answer all your questions in a friendly easy to understand manner.

Account Management

Once onboarded, each client is allocated a key account manager who is responsible for ensuring the successful handover of support from you current provider to Datasol.  Your account manager is first contact for none support related issues and will plan an IT roadmap for the business going forward. 

System Monitoring

Once installed, our monitoring system run 24/7 and reports directly to the help desk team.  This means that we often know about problems before you do and we can build procedures that will automatically rectify problems without you even knowing about it.

Maintenance Contracts

Datasol can offer maintenance and service packages to cover all of your IT equipment.  Getting the right package at the right price with guaranteed response times can save you thousands of pounds of the life of your systems.

IT For Life Packages

Datasol can supply and install a complete new IT system for a fixed monthly fee.  We supply all the equipment and provide the labour to install and configure the system to your specific requirements.  We then support and maintain the system.   We believe this offers complete peace of mind. 

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